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"B-RAD is the Tony Robbins of Nurse Coaching!"

- Joanna Otero, Founder of The Livewell Collective

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"Brad has a true gift of coaching.  It comes naturally to him.  He honestly desires the best for you, and your successes are his successes.  He feels your challenges and setbacks as deeply as you do.  I never felt like I was being ‘told’ what to do.  I never felt judged or threatened or vulnerable as I shared some of my challenges and goals.  In fact, I left every session energized and motivated to try some of the simple techniques that I had been taught and practiced." 

Steven Kim Evans, RN

Hospice Director, Tender Care Home Health and Hospice

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"Because of our coaching sessions I’m able to actually believe that I am capable of being a nurse and can enjoy what I do. I learned to be kinder to myself and forgiving of days where I just need to take a break and practice some self-care.


I recommend coaching to anyone who has stepped into the healthcare world and has panicked and started to think “what the heck have I gotten myself into?!” Or someone who is struggling to find a balance between their life and work. It does get better with time and Brad helps to find ways to make that transition 1000 times easier!"

- Julie Pessetto Littledike, RN

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"My experience with Brad was nothing short of amazing. I learned so many things that could help me through my struggles. I take an ‘as needed’ medication that I rarely take anymore because Brad taught me about breathing and meditation. I personally love the Box Breathing technique. The favorite part of my weeks were my calls with Brad. I felt like he listened to me and truly cared about what I was saying and I felt no judgement."


THANK YOU B-RAD! You are amazing and I appreciate you so very much!!!

- Rylee Wallwork, CNA - Resident Care Coordinator

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"My experience with Brad Mower absolutely exceeded my expectations because he tailored the nurse coaching to be a personal journey specifically for me.  


I really enjoyed the fact that Brad led and facilitated the discussion but the real power was in my own self discovery.  This journey and discovery only happened because Brad made it an open, real, trustworthy environment in which I was comfortable to be in." 


- Jimmy Birman - Executive Director at United Way of Cache Valley


"As a Nurse Practitioner and someone who has devoted my life to caring for others, I would highly recommend Brad to assist with the mental and physical well-being resulting from stress and burnout.


He is easy to work with and has a calming personality. He is very professional in his conduct and exudes a passion for helping others. I will continue to consult with Brad in the future and recommend his services to both colleagues and patients."

- Jaime Calhoun Hansen, MSN, FNP

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"These sessions positively impacted my life, and I am happier than I’ve been in months! I would even go as far to say I got my smile back. 

In our sessions I learned so many new and different things about myself. B-RAD helped me discover that bad things that happened to me in my past do not define me. 

The experience was positive and something I would do again."

- Kylee Kotter, CNA - Resident Care Coordinator 

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"From the very beginning Brad made me feel as though I had known him for years and he made it very easy to be, “vulnerable” in our discussions.


He has a very calming demeanor and was able to make me feel very comfortable when talking about things that are “taboo” for men to discuss.


I think we both realized that being a man is not so much about being tough and hard, but more about being vulnerable and showing true emotion."

- Gary Johnson, BSN

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"My sessions with Brad were intense yet so rewarding... Through Brad’s coaching and insights, I was able to go deep within myself, and find the courage to venture outward and trust myself.

Brad was very gentle in his process of presenting new concepts and extremely sensitive when listening to my words. He often re-stated my words, allowing me time to self-reflect and develop the courage to face my inner self.  Through his coaching in my personal life, I was able to develop new insights, which assisted me in my interaction with my daughter other Family members."

- June Leslie O'Brien, RN


"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with B-RAD. He facilitated a comfortable environment that made it easy for me to focus my awareness on the present moment...B-RAD, without a doubt, provided a therapeutic outlet for me to look forward to each week.

Week after week B-RAD introduced creative and fun ways to assist me in focusing my awareness...there was much care and thought into each experience.

I would absolutely recommend  B-RAD's services to anyone looking to destress or simply make a change."   -  Thank you, B-RAD. You rock!


- Candece Henry, RN

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"Before I met Brad, I had experienced complete and utter burnout in my FNP career of 18 years. My burnout was so severe that I was forced to quit my job due to my health problems.


Brad helped me to discover that the stress of burnout had actually MADE ME SICK. Today, because of Brad, I am healthier, more mindful and more confidant in my abilities to create the balance of work/life that is sustainable for me.  Brad's set of tools helped me develop new strategies to prevent this cycle of burnout from happening again.


I highly recommend Brad to anyone who needs help in dealing with burnout in the medical field. I guarantee you’ll get so much more than that.


Bless you Brad, for all you do to help others heal from burnout so that they can become the BEST new version of themselves."

- Amy McElroy, NP-C, RN

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