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Hi, I'm Brad "B-RAD" Mower 


My friends call me B-RAD and you are welcome to do the same!


Welcome to Soul Fire Wellness Coaching! This is a safe place where I hope YOU can be YOU.


This is a place of healing, guidance and motivation.  It is also a place to work. Change takes effort and that's where I come in. I'm here to teach, mentor and guide you to the greatness you hold within yourself. 


I'm also here to keep you honest and accountable. I will call you out on excuses and self emposed barriers that you may place along your path. I will be gentle but firm with you as we rewrite the story you have been telling yourself, and together we will set goals and make plans to get you to where you want to be in life.


At times we will laugh, and at times we will cry.  Hell, we may even swear a time or two...and that's okay.  Recovering from burnout can be messy and it can be a challenge, but I promise it is attainable and sustainable!


Nurse Coaching literally saved my life!  It equipt me with the tools I needed to go through Hell and come back out the other side a stronger, happier and healthier person. 

I would be honored to teach YOU the same powerful tools and methods I use daily in my own life and with my other satisfied clients.

If you have any questions, email me anytime:

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